The Lizard is a perfect match for terrarium enthusiasts. However, some species are just for beginners: the Australian Bearded Dragon, the Leopard Gecko, the Uromastyx, the Collared Lizard, and the Blue-tongued Skink. All of them have their particularities. Some are larger than others, such as Uromastyx, which can measure up to 70 cm in adulthood. The Lizard is generally alert and active. Born in captivity (most often), this reptile will be remarkably docile.

His timing will be done without difficulty. The domestic Lizard tolerates petting and handling reasonably well. It provided that the steps are respected in the approach. The longevity of a lizard varies according to its species. While the Australian Bearded Dragon and the Collared Lizard can live for about eight years (up to 10 years in rare cases), the Leopard Gecko can reach the 20-year mark, while the Blue-tongued Skink can approach 30.
Lizards belong to the large family of reptiles and owe their name to the Greek sauros (Lizard), which constitutes the suborder Saurians. There are about twenty families of lizards in the world. Lizards find their origins in the primitive reptiles observed at the beginning of the Permian era, 340 million years ago. The first fossils of lizards date from around 65 million years ago. There are lizards on almost all continents, except in the polar regions. Lizards are mainly found in 3 well-defined areas: desert regions, semi-deserts, and tropical regions.

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